Brent Hampson was a dedicated player, coach and mentor at Midland Guildford Cricket Club for two decades. Brent played his junior community cricket with Swan View Junior Cricket Club and also was a junior representative with Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.).

Brent’s progress to the Club Seniors was through the Fourth Grade system and was a leading bowler at this level, being part of the Club first ‘Fourth Grade Premiership Team” in 1985/86 season. Brent showed outstanding character and leadership within this group which displayed his passion for the club and his desire to progress to a higher level within the Club. Brent was also integral with the development of a number of players from this Fourth Grade Premiership team to progress through to First Grade over the next five seasons.

Brent continued to be the leading pace bowler within each of the lower grade teams from 1986/87. For three seasons from 1988/89 to 1990/91, Brent played Second Grade with excellent results and playing First Grade with limited opportunities during this period due to the strength of the First Grade bowling stocks. Brent would win the Second Grade bowling award in 1989/90.

During the 1991/92 season, Brent became a permanent First Grade bowler and was integral to the team’s performances for a number of seasons. Brent won the Western Australia Cricket Association First Grade bowling award in season 1992/93 with thirty five wickets at an average of 14.34. Brent continued to be one of the leading pace bowlers in the competition during the 1993/94 season, with 35 wickets at an average of 22.57. Brent was integral with the First Grade attaining a position in the finals during the 1993/94 season with a number of players not available during the Home and Away series due to First Class commitments (Moody, Angel, Zoehrer, Katich and Julian). Brent was part of the Club First Grade 19993/94 Premiership team under the leadership of Tom and Richard Moody.   

Brent retired from grade cricket at the completion of 1997/98 season with the following achievements:

  • First Grade Bowling Award: 1992/93 and 1993/94

  • WACA First Grade Bowling Award: 1992/93

  • First Grade Matches: 55

  • First Grade Wickets: 104

  • Second Grade Bowling Award: 1989/90

  • Premierships: Fourth Grade 1985/86 and First Grade 1993/94

  • Ron Carey and Tom Pivac Shield – Most Outstanding Club Performer: 1992/93

Brent would become the Club bowling coach from season 1999/00 to 2000/01 and managed the Colts and Senior One Day team, being part of leading a team of talented players within all four grades. He was highly regarded by the players and Club Management. The players within all grades worked extremely hard at training and on the playing field displaying the qualities Brent displayed during his playing career. A testament to Brent forming part of the coaching panel was the club winning the Bankwest Cup in 1999/2000. Brent retired from Club coaching at the completion of the 2000/2001 season to raise his young family.

The Club introduced the “Brent Hampson Medal” during the 2006/07 season. The Grade Captains complete the best players in each grade per round. Voting is based on 3,2 and 1 system with three votes being the best player. The Inaugural award was won by Matthew Craig. The announcement of the votes is completed with a Club function at the completion of the Home and Away series and the winner is announced with the presentation attended by Janine, Matthew, Ella and Mason Hampson.


2006/07      MATTHEW CRAIG


2008/09      CHRIS PIVAC

2009/10      TRAVIS PEARCE

2010/11        BRADLEY GILES

2011/12        BRADLEY GILES

2012/13        BURT COCKLEY


2014/15        TIMOTHY ARMSTRONG   


2016/17        STEWART WALTERS

2017/18        DANIEL GRIFFITHS

2018/19       KEATON CRITCHELL

2019/20       CHRISTIAAN MOIR

2020/21       WILLIAM RILEY

2021/22       HUDSON KNIGHT