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Talent Identification

What are we looking for?


  • The ability to score runs

  • Having good balance and sharp footwork at the crease

  • A fluent bat swing during stroke play

  • Being able to score on both the offside and the legside against both pace and spin bowling

Pace Bowling

  • The ability to bowl at good, consistent speeds

  • Being able to create movement both in the air and off the pitch

Decision Making

  • Being able to make good decisions off the field

  • Having good game awareness

  • The ability to be a self starter and a proficient young cricketer

Spin Bowling

  • The ability to turn the ball effectively off the pitch

  • Being able to use flight effectively in order to beat the batter in the air

  • Having variations that allow you to beat the batter on both the inside and outside of the bat


  • Having your head in line with your hands

  • Being able to move your feet in an efficient manner

  • The ability to keep wicket to both pace and spin bowling


  • Being an elite catcher with a safe pair of hands

  • Having a strong arm and the ability to throw accurately

  • The ability to anticipate

  • Showing good intensity and athleticism in the field

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